When we contacted Max Rendall at back in November 2020 it was deepest, darkest lockdown. Scotland was grey, unwelcoming and there was not a huge amount of positivity in the world. After chatting and bouncing ideas around, we instantly wanted to make something happen and work on a project together- sometimes you just click. His background is the world of biking, filming epic sections for some of the Borders elite riders.

Fast forward 6 months and we're sending Max and his girlfriend...... away in one of our brand new rental vans on a 5 day excursion around Scotland. We waved them off with mixed emotions, jealous that we weren't 10 years younger and off on an adventure of our own. Our production manager turned to me and said "what's the point of converting amazing vans for everyone else, we never even take them away."

The trip had no specific brief, our main theme was not to stifle the creativity of the film maker. We simply aimed to load the van full of kit and let the project grow organically with the twists and turns of the single track road cut into Scottish countryside.

Fast forward 2 weeks and i'm sitting in a wooden cabin in the east Neuk of Fife watching the first draft of 'Back to Nature' - a moment in time I won't forget for a long time. Totally not what I expected but in the best possible way. Thought provoking, exciting and Scotland at its most raw, stunningly beautiful. The film was the visual representation of a true loquacious raconteur of the road, see the result here:

So what's the message, were in a position of privilege. ur inability to fly out if the country for holiday during 2021 is an opportunity to really explore Scotland responsibility. We really do all need to do our bit this year in respect of nature and to maintain the natural beauty of a country that inspires people globally.

Its really hard to write this without sounding like we are telling you what to do. We're not. Just asking really nicely to make sure there is no litter, we park responsibly, consider spending a bit of money in the local communities we are visiting and be a considerate campervan user.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed a little bit of background to this project, its the first of a few more we have in the pipeline and using my own quote: "If this is considered work-, I'm ok with that."

Thanks for reading

Ross Brown - North Bound Campervans

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